Ideal Temperature to Pour Concrete

Can You Still Pour Concrete When It’s Cold Outside?

As the fall season comes to an end and winter approaches, we are seeing a drop in temperature and even snow in some regions of the US. You may be wondering what the ideal temperature to pour concrete is and we’re here to share with you our expert opinion. From the time of the pour to the curing time, we take certain precautions that are necessary to make sure the concrete cures properly. At Sam The Concrete Man we ensure that even during the coldest seasons we’re still able to work on your concrete project.

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What Happens if Concrete is Poured Below the Recommended Temperature?

When the temperature is too cold it can greatly affect the curing process which is why experts agree that the best temperature to pour concrete is between 40°F and 60°F. Anything colder than 40°F and curing will take too long resulting in the water particles freezing. If this happens, the particles will expand and cause cracking, compromising the future strength of your concrete.

How We Keep Concrete at the Right Temperature to Pour

Hire professional concrete contractors who will ensure your pour will be done correctly when it gets colder outside. There are certain measures that are taken to help keep the concrete at the ideal pouring temperature. If these actions are not considered, the durability and longevity of your concrete will be impacted. Below are a few steps we take to maintain the correct temperatures for the curing process.

  • The concrete plant uses a hot water mix to maintain the concrete temperature at or above the recommended placement temperature, reducing the risk of early age freezing.
  • Calcium is added to the concrete mixture which pulls moisture out quicker and allows workability in cold weather. This helps develop early on strength.
  • When temperatures approach freezing conditions, accelerators are used to reduce the curing time of the concrete.

Some experts say that using heated blankets on top of freshly laid concrete is best for the curing process. However, for residential customers, we rarely use this method because it can result in discolored, blotchy patches on the surface. If the outside temperature is below 40°F, the methods mentioned above warm the concrete to the ideal pouring temperature range, so blankets are not needed.

Work With Sam The Concrete Man

We have 30+ years of experience pouring concrete during the colder seasons and have perfected the method and tools we use to guarantee your project is poured correctly. Sam The Concrete Man will always let our customers know our professional opinion on the matter. We will always use our expertise and never start a concrete project under the wrong circumstances. If the weather does not permit, we can still provide a free on-site estimate to get the process started, then we will schedule another time to come back out and pour your concrete project. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free estimate, just fill out a short form today!


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