The Power of Renovation and Remodeling

The Power of Renovation and Remodeling

The year is 2022 and the housing market is insane. Many homeowners cannot afford to purchase the home of their dreams causing them to turn their current home into their dream home. With the power of renovation and remodeling, this idea can come true. Let’s take a look at the new and hot trends of 2022 that Sam The Concrete Man can help you with this remodel journey.

Improved Outdoor Areas

One of the hottest trends of 2022 is outdoor living rooms. It is time to remove that wood or composite deck and replace it with a fresh concrete patio! Sam The Concrete Man can help you spice up your outdoor living space in these ways:

  • Stamped/Decorative Patios: Choose which stamp or color best matches your design aesthetic! Stamped concrete spans all the way from ashlar slate, to cobblestone, to brick, allowing you the chance to turn any patio into an outdoor living space!
  • Walkways: Install a beautiful colored or stamped walkway to your patio/pergola that everyone
    cannot help but look at while they are taking a nice evening stroll.
  • New Pool Deck: Refresh your pool deck with clean concrete or a fun stamped design!
  • Concrete Driveways: If you are looking to spice up the front of your property, consider replacing
    your driveway! It gives your house instant curb appeal and gives you the ability to customize in numerous ways.

Improved Indoor Space

Another hot movement is changing your tile, carpet, or wood floors to concrete! Indoor concrete
flooring is a great alternative as it is more cost-efficient, easier to clean, and more durable. Replacing
your homes floors with concrete will also allow you to save money on your energy bills as the concrete
absorbs and retains heat. Here are the suitable places in your home to add concrete flooring:

Adding concrete flooring will give your home a more modern and industrial look.


Starting Small

If you are not ready to commit to a large concrete project, you can always start small. Starting with small elements in your space can allow you to decide what style truly fits you and your needs. Here are a few projects you can get started with:

  • Firepits: Adding a firepit to your backyard or patio will allow a space for friends and family to get together in an intimate setting. The style of firepit you decide on may help you towards your outdoor space fantasy!


  • Concrete Squares/Pavers: If you are not ready to commit to a full outdoor remodel, you can always start with poured-in-place concrete squares or pavers. These are the perfect alternatives as they still allow a space you can walk on, without having to fully commit to a new patio.


  • Patio Extensions: You may have a patio you already love but isn’t the right size or aesthetic you are looking for. Adding a patio extension is always a great option you can get started with!

Sam The Concrete Man can help you with your concrete renovation and remodeling needs. Specializing in flatwork concrete, Sam The Concrete Man is the place to call when looking to complete any of these 2022 trends. Sam The Concrete Man provides on-site free estimates making the process easy and seamless. If you are not sure what you are looking for, Sam The Concrete Man offers free estimate design consultations. With 30+ years of expertise and experience you know we can get the job done. If you are interested complete our free estimate form or call today!


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