5 Stamped Concrete Designs to Bring Your Outdoor Living Space to Life

5 Stamped Concrete Deigns to Bring Your Outdoor Living Space to Life

Are you looking to update your patio for Home Improvement Month? Concrete stamping is a technique specially designed to replicate stone, tile, wood, brick, and more. Stamped concrete is more affordable than traditional pavers, is easy to maintain and has nearly limitless design potential. 

Let’s take a look at some of the concrete stamps Sam The Concrete Man has to offer… 

Wooden Plank

This design can give your concrete patio the visual appeal of a wooden deck, but without all the fuss. Unlike a wooden deck, a concrete patio doesn’t require harsh chemicals  such as copper azole and arsenic, and the materials used to create a concrete patio are entirely recyclable. Beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly.

Wooden Stamp

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Stamped

Ashlar slate is a textured stamp designed to look like large bricks in both square and rectangle shapes to create a repeating pattern. As one of our best-sellers, ashlar slate is popular for walkways and sidewalks, and patios. This is a great look for residential and commercial buildings, both outside and in

Seamless Slate

As one of our most popular stamps, seamless slate looks like a massive stone floor carved from a single large rock, and is perfect for patios and walkways. This beautiful design can be very difficult to pull off, making it so important to get a contractor you can trust.

Seamless Slate 1



A flagstone stamp give your concrete the visual appeal of a traditional flagstone at an affordable price point without the risk of weeds growing through, and it is incredibly durable! This design is very popular for patios, pool decks, and walkways. Some of our locations offer a variety of flagstone patterns such as American, Wisconsin, Fox Valley, Appalachian, Arizona, and more.


Cobblestone designs are popular for gardens, walkways, and driveways and can be colored to fit stylishly into any setting. Intended to replicate the “old worldaesthetic, cobblestone stamped concrete features a less porous texture which helps protect concrete against the harsh damage of the freeze/thaw cycle.

Cut Cobblestone (1)

Stamped with Sam

America. Whether you are looking to install a stamped concrete driveway or even a stamped concrete patio, Sam The Concrete Man will provide next-level service unbeatable by the competition. We can also provide a wide variety of concrete stamp patterns that are sure to fit your design aesthetic.  Schedule a free no-obligation estimate and find out what Sam can do for you.