What’s the Best Hot Tub Pad on the Market?

What's the Best Hot Tub Pad on the Market?

If you’re a hot tub owner (new or old), you may have wondered which hot tub pad is worth buying. There are quite a few on the market, and each of them has various pros and cons. In this article, we will be outlining the buyer’s landscape for you, so you can make the best decision possible. Hope you find it useful!

Why you Need Hot Tub Pads

But before we go into the various base pad options on the market, you should know why to get one in the first place. Most people think they can just place their hot tub on flat ground. However, while hot tubs are not that heavy on their own – when you add 50+ gallons of water and a party of people, the weight stacks up. This weight can cause damage to both the ground and your hot tub.,

Therefore, you must have a proper foundation underneath! 

There are two reasons for considering a foundation for your outdoor tub:

  • Repairs – As water fills the hot tub and people pile inside, weight stacks against the ground. If the weight is unevenly distributed, it could cause cracking or mess up the engine.

  • Safety – If your hot tub foundation isn’t secure, you could damage the ground or worst case cause an injury to your guests if the hot tub tips over.

Hot tub on Gravel Pros

  • Maintenance – Gravel is a good choice because it allows the hot tub to drain, so you can quickly clean it without any hassle. 
  • Aesthetics – Gravel provides a pleasant aesthetic and compliments most backyards.
  • Durability – Gravel adjusts to your hot tub as gravel won’t shift over time.

Hot tub on Gravel Cons

  • Installation – Pouring gravel by yourself can be complicated – you have to get the exact dimensions of your hot tub, source the material, and have the machinery to pour it. 
  • Expensive – If you are unable to do it yourself, then it can be a costly endeavor to hire a landscaper to do it for you. 
  • Maintenance – you may have to redo your gravel pad now and then make sure there is enough gravel to hold your hot tub properly.

Wooden Patio or Deck Pros

  • Aesthetics – the wooden deck appeal is the #1 reason people gravitate towards this option. It makes for a popular gathering area.
  • Safety – With proper structural support, wood can be an excellent foundation for your hot tub.
  • Expensive – If you already have a deck, you won’t have to do much to get your hot tub base (but this can also be con – see below!)

Wooden patio or Deck Cons

  • Maintenance – wooden materials require a lot of care as they age. You may have a termite problem, depending on where you live in the U.S. Additionally, wood ages quickly, and constant upkeep is required to secure a long life.
  • Safety – While wooden decks can be a very secure foundation, you could compromise the deck without guidance from a professional, causing it to break or, worst case, collapse.
  • Expensive – Hiring someone to make sure the deck can support the weight of your hot tub can be costly but is necessary! You may need to extend the patio or add pillars of support.

EZ Pads Pros

  • Price – Costs about a thousand dollars depending on the size and weight of your hot tub.
  • Installation – Depending on the brand you buy, the installation process is usually a matter of conjoining various pieces together.
  • Maintenance – there is little or no maintenance required for spa pads.

EZ Pad Cons

  • Aesthetic – EZ pads are cheap-looking and feel cheap too. When you move around in your hot tub, you can hear creaking underneath, which can be unpleasant.
  • Durability – Jacuzzi platforms are made from high-performance plastic. While it holds up the weight of you and your party in the short term, it won’t last longer than other alternatives.
  • Installation – If you’re looking for an east hot tub base, this is the way to go. But don’t expect it to last long or look very good.

You can read more about how EZ pads stack up against concrete here!

Concrete Pad for Hot Tub Pros

  • Quick Installation – Your hot tub can be ready for your guests within a few days after it cures! If you’re in a rush to get it done, concrete is the path of least resistance.
  • Aesthetic – Stamped concrete is an acceptable option for those who want to match their backyard’s exterior design. Mix it up with ashlar, seamless slate, brick, or wooden stamped concrete to get precisely the look and feel you want in your backyard.
  • Expensive – Concrete is a long-term investment (much like your house or hot tub!). While the upfront fee looks steep, it will last you much, much longer than the last alternative on our list.

The Verdict is Out: Concrete is the Best Option!

  • Concrete will last the longest of all the options. When properly cared for, concrete can last over 30 years! 
  • Concrete comes in all textures and styles, so you can customize it to fit your backyard. Even replicate the look of wood with wooden plank stamped concrete designs.
  • Concrete is durable and able to withstand even the harshest of climates – from the winters of Colorado to the summers of Baton Rouge!
  • Concrete is highly resistant to molding, so you don’t have to worry about it!
  • Concrete is not that expensive given that it will last you years and years!
  • Concrete gives a luxurious appeal and is ultimately the safest best for your guests!

Looking for a Reliable Concrete Contractor for Your Hot Tub Pad?

Concrete is undeniably the best platform for hot tubs on the market! Affordable, good-looking, durable, and ultimately safe for you and your guests. If you’re looking for a quick and easy installation near you, Sam, the Concrete Man, has been pouring concrete pads for hot tubs since 1989 in the mid-west. Since then, we’ve continued to strive to be the best concrete provider in the U.S.! If you’re looking for a reliable hot tub slab installer near you, search for your location near you!



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